09 December 2015

The Stone Store Holiday Gift Guide

We're a modest bunch around here, but this year we've got to admit, we have a pretty awesome selection of gifts.  We almost wanted to keep them all for ourselves, but Guelph is so full of lovely people, we thought we'd let you in on the secret.  Hence: THE STONE STORE GIFT GUIDE, 2015.

 For the Camping Aficionado  
This silver camping lantern with beeswax candle inserts creates an wonderful ambiance on any camping trip.  Beeswax burns cleaner than petroleum candles and creates a great smell, so whoever receives this will be one happy camper.

For the Bearded Man in your life
Keleher’s Beard Oils are made right here in Guelph from simple, good quality ingredients like bergamot, cedarwood, and clove essential oils, and sweet almond and argan carrier oils.  Treat his beard right!

For the Coffee Lover
The Stone Store crew agree:  This is THE BEST COFFEE THERMOS EVER.  Its small size and insulated construction make it perfect to hold a morning brew on the way to work or school. We also sell a coffee cap separately for sipping on the go. Pair this with Detour’s Holiday blend coffee beans (which we can grind in-store if you wish) and everyone will be smiling.

For the Foodie 
Our newest product from Acropolis Organics is a gift set of organic extra virgin olive oil dressings.  This gift box contains 2 ready-to-go drizzles perfect for salads, roasted veggies or grilled meats/tempeh, with fine ingredients from Crete including turmeric, garlic, honey, and red wine vinegar.  All we can say is YUM.

For the Essential Oil lover
NOW brand recently came out with a variety of plug-in diffusers which create an ultra-fine mist without using heat, so that you can fill a room with your scent-of-choice without damaging the therapeutic qualities of the oils.  Depending the recipient of this gift, you can decide for yourself if you want to add in an "uplifting" or "relaxing" essential oil kit to get them smiling or calm them down.

For the Picnicker
This Eco-soul picnic set includes a mug, plate, bowl and utensils, all made of bamboo.  The dishes will hold up while you use (and re-use) them like regular dishes, but when the end of their life comes, you can toss them in the compost and they will biodegrade within 2-3 years.  (Compare this to 400+ years or more for regular plastic).  With the whole set contained in a mesh bag, it’s the perfect thing for someone who eats on the run.

For Everybody!
This body lotion is a staff favourite for its quality ingredients and long-lasting moisturizing effect.  This is not a lotion that goes on and disappears immediately!  It contains Labrador tea which relieves itching due to dryness and is vegan, GMO free, 81% Organic, and made of magic unicorns.  Okay, not the unicorns.

For the Tea-Lover 
Algonquin Tea Company‘s herbal teas are sustainably wild-harvested in Ontario near Algonquin Park.  One of our staff spent a week volunteering with them one summer and saw first-hand the care that was taken to harvest only a small percentage of each plant, and to ensure that each species was at its peak potency when harvested.  Our favourite flavour is Sacred Blend- a truly unique taste.

For the Herbalist
Okay, we really love tea around here.  And if there’s one thing we love just as much as TEA, it’s LOCAL products!  Althaea teas are grown organically in Guelph on land at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre.  They are loose-leaf teas so you might want to pair them with a diffuser ball for a thoughtful gift that will help keep your friends and family healthy this winter.

For the Choco-holic 
Zimt Chocolate bars are dairy-free, raw, organic, and use only coconut sugar as a sweetener.  Plus, they are super delicious.  We are eating more of them than we meant to... and we don't regret it at all.

Well, there you have it, the finest the Stone Store has to offer for gift-giving this holiday season.  We hope you see something that has inspired you, and we'll see you soon!