19 October 2017

Cold & Flu Busters

We were lucky to have Kaitlyn's input on how to prepare for cold season in our latest Stone Store flyer... and she also sent along the quick facts below.  We hope you and yours stay healthy this Fall!



          Vitamin C
o   A 5 year trial found that 500mg Vitamin C taken preventatively reduced the frequency of the common cold1 Eat more red bell peppers, broccoli and fruits like kiwi for Vitamin C!
·         Vitamin D
o   Supplementing Vitamin D deficient patients with adequate Vitamin D resulted in a reduced frequency of cold-related work absences2
o   Tip: check in with a Naturopath to measure your levels.
·         Probiotics
o   Probiotics were shown to be superior to placebo in reducing the episodes of acute upper respiratory tract infections and decreased antibiotic use and school absences3
o   Probiotics are a very important adjunct to your health regime, and can help reduce dependence on antibiotics and sick days for you and your family!  Nourish your gut with these probiotic foods: Yogurt, Kefir, Kimchi, Sauerkraut and Kombucha
o   Interested in learning more about probiotics? This will be a seminar held by Kaitlyn in the near future.
·         Echinacea
o   This herb has been used for many years and is a strong immune-boosting herbs added to many herbal blends. Echinacea has been shown to reduce the incidence of common colds and therefore is great to use as prevention 4



Vitamin C
o   This vitamin does double duty when it comes to preventing and treating colds. A large trial found that 1g/day taken prophylactically during cold and flu season prevent the drop in leukocytes (white blood cells) that occurs and decreased the severity common cold symptoms5
o   Zinc supplementation was shown to decrease the symptom duration and severity score of the common coldUp your dietary zinc intake by eating more red meat, seafood, pumpkin seeds, beans and lentils.
o   Tip: Come into the clinic for an in-office Zinc tally test to see if you would benefit from zinc supplements or if dietary zinc is enough for you!
Herbal Medicine
o   There are many botanical herbs that are effective in treating a cold or flu. Some common ones are: Echinacea, Astragalus, Reishi, Licorice and Andrographis.
o   Tip: A naturopath can create an individualized tincture for you that matches your unique immune needs or your cold symptoms 

Using Essential Oils at Home for Cold and Flu

1.    Immune-boosting shower – If you don’t have enough time to do a full steam inhalation try adding a few drops of antimicrobial essential oils to your shower for an invigorating experience. Eucalyptus and rosemary are great oils to use. The heat in the shower will diffuse the scent.

2.    Steam Inhalation – Add a few drops of Eucalyptus or Lavender essential oil to a large bowl of boiled water (I use a large metal bowl). Put your face over top of the bowl to inhale the aromas. While doing this, drape a towel over top of your head to create a steam chamber. With eyes closed, inhale the vapours for 5-10 minutes. Added benefit: This feels like a skin facial as well! 

If you would like to make a customized cold and flu prevention and treatment plan this season, book in with Kaitlyn by calling 519-821-1999 or emailing clinic@healingfoundations.ca
Kaitlyn plans on doing seminars on different health topics in the future. Stay tuned for when the next seminar will be available. 

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16 June 2017

Whole Circle Farm

Starting this week, our store will be a pickup location for Whole Circle Farm's CSA shares!
Community Supported Agriculture is a model of farming where community members typically buy a "share" at the start of the growing season, and then receive a portion of the harvest each week throughout the season.  This way, farmers have the support of their community at the beginning of the season.  They can plan their crops more accurately, and have more security for their businesses.
Whole Circle has adapted this model further, offering a flexible point system where their customers can choose which varieties and quantities of vegetables they want each week, instead of receiving a pre-set selection.
Here at the Stone Store, we support local farms in many ways.  One way is by offering lots of Ontario produce, whenever it is available.  Now, with this new CSA pick-up, we are helping Whole Circle customers get their produce at a convenient location downtown, (and maybe do some in-store shopping while they're at it).
We welcome the Whole Circle CSA members to the Stone Store and hope you enjoy shopping here.  If you are interested in more information about Whole Circle shares, visit their website at http://www.wholecirclefarm.ca/?page_id=3799

02 June 2017

Sleep solutions for kids who just won't go to bed

As the days get longer kids who were previously poor sleepers become kids who are simply not sleepers, and kids who slept fine through the winter are bouncing up and down in their beds until two hours past their bed times.

The good news is, there are things you can do (and they don't need to involve melatonin).

For starters, start looking at your child's overall health. If he or she is not getting enough protein or iron this can make her overtired as the body struggles to compensate. She may sleep at odd hours and be up all night or just not sleep well at all. 
We have a variety of protein powders suitable for kids at the store, and Salus makes a high-absorbency iron supplement suitable for kids as young as two years.
Taking care of the child's developing brain is important too, as the brain is responsible for a number of hormones (including naturally occurring melatonin) associated with sleep. A well-sourced DHA oil will also help kids focus in school. Udo's DHA is cost effective and can be found in the cooler with our probiotics. Because it is organic, non-gmo and plant-based there is no risk that it may be contaminated with heavy metals. Best of all, your child only needs a tablespoon a day, so it's easy to ''hide'' in foods such as yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal, cooked soups, and even drizzled over veggies. Ask one of us if you need more ideas, we're full of them.
Finally (and perhaps most importantly) a lot of our adult customers are taking magnesium to help them sleep with a lot of success. Did you know that kids need magnesium too? Salus has a high-absorbency magnesium suitable for kids aged four and up. 

Just ask our staff member, Holly. Taking their ''apricot juice'' before bed has become a nightly ritual for her two kids.  ''It's great because it's something that's so important for the health of everyone in the house,'' she says, ''I take it to maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis and the kids take it to help them wind down after their busy days.''

Sweet dreams, everyone!

05 May 2017

Bulk is Back!

This month we introduced THREE new bulk items at the store.  Lately we have been hearing from a lot of customers who are interested in ZERO-WASTE LIVING.  These folks aim to reduce or eliminate non-recyclable waste from their lives, and do so by changing their lifestyles and buying habits.  One great way to reduce waste is to refill your own containers with bulk items.
Our newest refillable items are dish soap, liquid laundry detergent, and shampoo!
REDUCE PLASTIC - Every 20L container of shampoo we refill saves 40 shampoo bottles worth of plastic.  Yes, plastic is recyclable, but there are serious environmental consequences caused by the production of plastic, and inherent in the recycling process.  In addition, plastic cannot be recycled indefinitely.  Most plastic is only recycled 7-9 times before its fibres become too short.  By comparison, glass and aluminum can be recycled indefinitely. 

REDUCE TRANSPORTATION – Buying in bulk allows products to be transported efficiently.  The overall footprint of the product is smaller in the truck, and fewer cardboard boxes are required than with individually packaged product 

SAVE MONEY – Compared with the same product in its original packaging, here are the savings: 
Unscented Company Dish soap 750ml – Save $1.50 by refilling
Unscented Company Laundry soap 1.95L (78 loads) – Save $4 by refilling
Oneka Shampoo 500ml – Save $6 by refilling!


Oneka is a Quebec-based company started by power couple Philippe Choiniere and Stacey Lecuyer, who want to make a positive impact on people's health and the water ecosystems. Before starting their business, Stacey had been suffering from eczema for over 20 years and Philippe had been allergic to synthetic fragrances all his life.  
Their shampoo is hypoallergenic, non-drying, and leaves hair shiny and healthy.  It is safe for coloured hair too. 
Around here it’s a favourite for staff and customers, and our go-to hypo-allergenic shampoo.  It’s also great if your home is on a septic or grey water system because it is easily biodegradable.  Many of us have learned to appreciate the unscented product as-is for a fresh-feeling clean.  Others spice it up with their choice of essential oils! 
Our second great new bulk brand is the Unscented company.  
Our staff like the dish soap because it foams nicely and cleans well.  The Unscented Company has taken strides to build their company around sound environmental and social practices, and have been certified as a B-Corp.   
They prioritize doing business with Canadian, privately owned and family-run businesses.  Their website has a list of further goals to decrease their environmental footprint: http://www.theunscentedcompany.com/sustainability/http://www.theunscentedcompany.com/sustainability/
Stone store staff have tested all new bulk products and they have our seal of approval. Come try them for yourselves and let us know what you think!

18 April 2017

Are you “Nuts for Cheese” yet?

We've just started carrying a new line of vegan cheese called “Nuts for Cheese” and already it is gaining popularity amongst a wide range of customers. Recently we were fortunate to have Laura up from London, Ontario to demo it.  She notes that in some stores they've even had to downplay the fact that it is vegan because it's so good that even dairy-eaters love it.

So what's the secret to making a decent vegan cheese that actually tastes like cheese? Cashews, and lots of them.  We at the Stone Store particularly enjoy the authentic cheesy texture, with each wedge delicately spiced to produce a rich flavour.  Flavours include: Un-Brie-Lievable, Smokey Artichoke, Red Rind (featuring a turmeric and paprika rind) and Chipotle Cheddar (featuring chipotle peppers in adobo sauce).

Stone Store employee Karin lived in London when the Nuts for Cheese phenomenon began. She told us how founder Margaret Coons began making it out of a local vegan restaurant called Veg Out. From there she began selling it out of the Western Fair Farmer's Market.  “Then it just kind of blew up and gained popularity,” she says, adding that some people even make cakes out of these cheeses. “You can eat the whole wedge and not feel like garbage.” (Well, maybe save some for your housemates please!)

Curious?  Come and try some for yourself.   Maybe you'll become brie-liever too!
The Stone Store Crew