13 September 2013

Julien Project Walkathon Success!

On Wednesday September 11th, Sarah Baker represented the Stone Store at the Julien Project Walk-a-thon Fundraiser.  She raised $190 in pledges, which were matched by Scotia Bank, totaling $380!  The walk was held on the Ignatius Grounds in Guelph, and although there were some threatening thunder clouds, the rain held out for the walkers and it was a beautiful afternoon.

We wish the Julien project all the best in their endeavours supporting marginalized youth through horticultural therapy.  www.thejulienproject.com 

03 September 2013

The Julien Project

The Stone Store is participating in the Julien Project's annual fall fundraising walkathon through some of the area's most beautiful trails.
The two-hour event kicks off "rain or shine" at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 11 just inside the front entrance to Orchard Park on the Ignatius Jesuit Centre grounds on Guelph's northern fringe
Funds will support the organization's horticultural internship program, which teaches horticultural skills to marginalized youth.
Sarah Baker will be representing the store and if you would like to help sponsor her along with The Stone Store, there will be a sign up sponsorship sheet at the front counter. 
For more information on The Julien Project, go to thejulienproject.com 

11 July 2013

Book Launch to Benefit Free the Children

This Saturday, July 13th from 10am to 2pm, Zachary Collins will be at The Stone Store to talk about his book "A Medieval Mystery."  The book sells for $10 and ALL the proceeds go to Free The Children.  

We at the Stone Store understand Zach's desire to support positive change one step at a time.  All of our Stone Store staff shirts are purchased from Me-To-We design, ensuring sustainable and sweat-shop free production.  Plus, Me-To-We donates half of its profits directly back to Free The Children!


About Zach: 
Zach is 9 years old and lives in Guelph, Ontario.  He has been writing books since he was in Grade 1 with his Art Teacher, Debbie Wilson.  Zach combines his interest in writing with a desire to help children across the world by raising money and awareness about the charity Free the Children.  Free the Children uses funds raised to help educate and empower children and provide solutions to the cycle of poverty in developing countries.

Visit Zach's facebook page for more details - https:/www.facebook.com/zacharycollinsbooks

Please come by on Saturday for your signed copy of his great book!

23 May 2013

Sappho makeover

On Saturday June 8th the talented team at Sappho Cosmetics, one of our natural makeup lines, are sending two Makeup Artists to do makeovers.
Book your very own 30 minute makeover with one of their artists and Learn about healthy beauty, color choices & techniques.

Register for your makeover at the front counter or by calling the store
at 519-821-2120
A $10 booking fee is required to hold your place. Receive it back in form of a gift card at your appointment.

16 May 2013

Organic Vegetable and Flower Seedling are now in!

Organic Vegetable and Flower Seedling are now in from both Trout Lily ( http://troutlilynursery.blogspot.ca/ ) & The Bowmans

14 May 2013

Long Weekend Hours

Closed Monday May 20th
Open as usual Tuesday May 21st
Senior & Student Discount on Tuesday

06 May 2013

Fresh Salus juices now in stock!

The Stone Store is excited to be carrying Salus juices once again!

These juices are cold pressed in a process that breaks the cell wall, guaranteeing that you get the maximum health benefits. They are also incredibly fresh. The ingredients are harvested in the morning and processed by noon.

Troubled by gout? Try the Salus Birch Juice. You’ll start to feel better with just a few sips a couple of times a day.

No time for nutrition? Red Beet Crystals are a powerful antioxidant and a convenient source of calcium, copper, magnesium and iron as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C for the whole family.

The Stone Store is also proud to be one of the first stores to carry the new Salus Unfiltered Acerola Cherry Fresh plant juice. Considered to be the new “super fruit,” acerola is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. It strengthens the immune system, contains 30 x more vitamin C than lemon, is suitable for citrus allergy sufferers, is rich in antioxidants, and is helpful in regulating the immune system.

Try them now!


18 April 2013

Rally against modified alfalfa draws large crowd | guelphmercury

Rally against modified alfalfa draws large crowd | guelphmercury

Planting The Right Seeds For An Eco-Friendly Garden

If you’re looking for high quality seeds to plant in your garden this year, consider buying from organic seed companies that sell open-pollinated varieties. These varieites are good choices both economically and environmentally.
Economically: You can save the seeds from these plants and re-plant them next year. If saved properly, these open-pollinated seeds have the same characteristics as their parents.
Even if you decide not to re-plant the same variety of seeds, you can still save them and give them away to friends or trade them at your community seed exchange. Such events are known as Seedy Saturdays. To find a Seedy Saturday event near you, visit www.seeds.ca
Environmentally:  having the choice to save seeds is an important part of a sustainable food system. It allows the gardener to participate in preserving the existence of nourishing plants for generations to come. During the process of planting, caring for, eating and harvesting, a connection to Mother Earth and her cycles can be felt and appreciated.
Even if you decide not to save your organic open-pollilnated seeds, you are supporting the important work of seed companies that do.
Buying hybridized and/or trademarked seeds developed from corporate GMO companies like Monsanto-Seminis don’t give you (or anyone else) the option of experiencing the natural cycle of saving seeds. If the seeds are hybridized, they will likely produce sterile seeds that don’t germinate (these are referred to as terminator seeds).  If the seeds are trademarked, it is illegal to plant second generation seeds in proceeding growing seasons.

Because the conventional food system uses mostly hybrid seeds developed by corporate seed companies that cannot be saved for future years (they must be purchased from the developer year after year), the population of heirloom seed varieties are in danger.
Heirloom seeds are open-pollinated seeds that have been saved and grown over many generations. Heirloom varieties often produce more interesting and tastier vegetables than those found in large chain grocery stores. In order to help save heirloom varieties, it is important to either learn how to properly save these seeds yourself or to support seed companies that do.
In summary, buy from seed companies that are passionate about preserving open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds that can be saved year after year. The best also grow their seeds organically and follow sustainable growing practices.
The Stone Store carries Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds (www.hawthornfarm.ca), a Canadian seed company from Palmerston, Ontario. Hawthorn Farm is an example of a seed company that helps to preserve open-pollinated, non-GMO varieties. They are also active members of the Organic Seed Alliance, an organization that encourages the stewardship and ethical development of seed.

28 March 2013