26 November 2009

Sunday December 6th is Customer Appreciation Day!

On Sunday December 6th it’s...
Our Anniversary!
The end of construction!
Customer Appreciation Day!

Come help us celebrate
10% off everything (except bread and dairy)
20% off Health First supplements

First 100 customers receive a special gift

Hot chocolate and eggnog
Door prizes, Kids colouring corner and much much more...

10 November 2009

New Flyer, Beat The Bug!

Look out for our new flyer and Beat the Bug. Kids can pick up a copy of the colouring contest in store. Click on image for a larger view

02 November 2009

Stone Store customers save two puffins

Customers at the Stone Store in Guelph, ON have been saving tabs from the tops of Barbara’s Puffin Cereal since 2006 in an effort to adopt a puffin through Audubon’s Project Puffin.
Finally their commitment has paid off. On August 10, 2009 The Stone Store received notice that the customers had successfully adopted not only one but two puffins for the period of one year.
“I was waiting and waiting since January to find out if of our efforts have been successful” said Stone Store employee Wendy La Peare, who had initiated the project.”
The puffin formerly known as “Yellow 54" was renamed “Mikey” by customer suggestion and the puffin formerly known as “Bicolor 98" was renamed “Weblos” by the folks down at Project Puffin.
They were once wiped out on Eastern Egg Rock and Seal Island off the coast of Maine. The program to restore these colonies began in 1973 when five puffin chicks translocated from Great Island, Newfoundland were released at Eastern Egg Rock.
For customers at the Stone Store the challenge of preserving these populations is only beginning. Mikey and Weblos’ adoption certificates expire in one year. In order to continue to support them customers must collect another 500 tabs from Barbara’s Puffin Cereal.
“It took us three years to collect the tabs we needed the first time, so it’s going to be a real challenge to collect that many in just one year. Hopefully people will be encouraged by Mikey and Weblos’ adoption and continue to save those tabs for us,” said La Peare.
The Stone Store and its customers would like to thank Barbara’s Bakery, Inc. and Audubon’s Project Puffin for helping to make the project a success.