07 June 2010

Your Dog’s Food a Silent Killer?

Nutrient Base Therapies for Dogs and Cats Seminar
Hosted by Franco Cavaleri, BSc Nutritional Biochemist
* Joint Pain * Hot Spots * Allergies
* Excessive Itching/Shedding * Over Weight
Processed canned wet foods and dry bagged kibble are primarily designed for our convenience not the wellbeing of our pets. A body built on damaged nutrition is compromised and vulnerable to immune system deficiency and cognitive and emotional instability. Nourishing your puppy with fresh active nutrition will provide the body with the natural tools it needs to defuse and remove food-borne and environmental toxicity; empower accurate immune system activity; and reduce the risk of disease including cancer and premature aging. Learn how to make a difference and take back control over health, disease and aging in a few easy steps.

Please join us for this enlightening seminar
Tuesday, June 8, 2010 7pm– 8pm
Delta Hotel & Conference Centre, 50 Stone Rd. West, Guelph ON