25 April 2012



The Stone Store will be hosting a


On Thursday May 24th

Between 3:00 and 7:00 pm

Simply bring in your Conventional* Hair Color

And Tints of Nature Colour Specialist Tracey

Will color match a Tints of Nature to your

Conventional* Hair Colour and

trade your Conventional* Hair colour for a


*Must be a conventional unopened hair colour - no other natural hair color will be swapped     

Green Beaver Sun Screen is now in stock!

Following strict certified organic regulations, Green Beaver does not use chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, dyes or other unwanted ingredients.
100% natural mineral zinc oxide is used because it is safe and it provides the broadest protection against UVA and UVB over any other single sunscreen ingredient.
Now available in a spray and face cream as well as the usual lotion.
On sale now while quantities last!

16 April 2012

New Product

Now carrying bkr ("beaker") glass bottles!

Earth Day

For Earth Day, we thought we would let you know what we are doing to run a ‘green business’.

We sell and promote LOCAL products therefore using less oil and gas to get products to our shelves.

We sell and promote ORGANIC products because they are grown sustainably.

We offer BULK foods so that customers can refill their own containers.

Our skin care, soaps and shampoos are made with BIODEGRADABLE ingredients that are kind to our rivers and lakes. [and animals].

We have ENERGY EFFICIENT lighting and are presently cycling over to LED lighting.

This year the INSULATION in the walk in cooler was replaced with high efficiency foam insulation.

Most of our new shelving was made from materials that were REUSED from our old shelving units. Everything that couldn’t be recycled from our renovations went to Habitat for Humanity.

Our old vinyl flooring tiles were replacd with Marmoleum tiles which is made from flax, is NON TOXIC and biodegrable.

We clean our store with the same ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE cleaning products that are for sale on our shelves. We use REUSABLE cloths for cleaning and for spills.

All our green waste is collected for animal feed or COMPOSTING.

All our cardboard is collected for RECYCLING.

We SORT all our recyclables for blue bag collection.

We recycle and double side use most of our office paper.

Most of our staff walks or bikes to work.

Our store was started 40 years ago by a collaboration of people dedicated to making food available that was local, organic, sustainably grown and minimally packaged.

We have always prided ourselves on staying true to the original dream.

Thank you to the Guelph Community for responding to and adopting this dream from Day One and for making the choice to shop and eat responsibly. And thank you to everyone, customers, staff and family for your part in this incredible journey.