07 December 2018

Green Holiday Giving

Think Green This Holiday Season!

Looking for the perfect gift that will show your loved ones you care, while staying in line with your values & your budget?  We’ve got you covered!  Best of all, these gifts will help your friends and family to be more mindful & sustainable as they use them!  


1. Brush Naked Bamboo Toothbrushes

These biodegradable toothbrushes are made in China from moso bamboo and their environmentally conscious paper packaging is made & printed in British Columbia. For more sensitive gums we recommend the nylon bristle option.  We also have plant-based bristles and charcoal coated bristles available. When you're finished using just your toothbrush, just remove the bristles and put it in the compost! These make a fantastic stocking stuffer and also come in packs of 4!  


2. KMH Touches Biodegradable Dental Floss

This product was born out of compassion and activism. Made of silk, this floss is 100% biodegradable. Also, how can you not love the little glass jar it comes in? Great for throwing in your bag on the go and easily fits into a medicine cabinet. You can't tell the difference between this and conventional dental floss! 2-pack flosspot refills are also available in paper packaging, making this the ultimate waste reduction strategy for those who floss!  All parts of the packaging is biodegradable, including the stickers.  Help protect our oceans! Give the gift of guilt-free flossing.  (Ps. we also carry biodegradable vegan floss!)

3. Klean Kanteen Reusable Water Bottles 

Durable, thoughtfully made & keeps iced things cold for 30 hours as well as hot things hot for 10 hours. It's the best stainless steel coffee mug solution for hot coffee, hot tea or your favorite iced drinks! It can fit into a stocking or it makes a great gift on its own. Versatile for all your needs: whatever size you end up getting, we recommend the wide mouth insulated option (shown below) with the cafe cap. This allows your bottle to double as a water bottle, but also works wonderfully for hot drinks - with a tight twist-sip-or-seal that allows you to throw it in a bag or backpack leak-free!  Definitely a staff favourite around here - this product will not disappoint!

4. Onyx Stainless Steel Straws

" 'It's only one straw' said 8 billion people." - Anonymous

Recently a lot more consciousness has sprung up around the use of plastic straws as they have been discovered undigested in birds, aquatic life, and mammals - often being linked to the cause of death. Millions of single-use plastics are used and thrown away each day and many of these items never make it to a recycling facility - straws in particular, because of the kind of plastic they're made from. So, if you have the ability to bring your own straw when you go out for a drink, why not? We carry many glass & metal straw options but the favourite is definitely the Onyx Stainless Steel Straw with an ergonomic bend in the metal for easy drinking. Straw cleaners are also available. Super affordable!

 5. Credo Bulk & Produce Bags

 Plastic bags and packaging have been under environmental scrutiny for decades - another common single-use item that often cannot be recycled. A lot of great companies have come up with beautiful solutions to this ugly problem: reusable produce & bulk bags! First of all, buying bulk is a great way to reduce packaging - but you can eliminate it by also bringing your own containers or bags! Although we carry many options, our store pick is Credo Bags - made with organic cotton! Not only are the bags biodegradable after their life-cycle, but they're easily washable, repairable, breathable and they're durable. Just keep them in your grocery bag or backpack and then they're always ready to use for impulse buys!

6. Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles have been used for centuries to bring warmth and light to cold and dark days. What could make a better gift for the season? At the store we carry many artisan & handcrafted candles, but our staples are candles from Your Time Boutique of Kitchener, ON & Honey Candles Ltd. of Kaslo, BC. Everything from birthday candles, votives, tapers, tealights, trees, pinecones & more! Decorate & celebrate with beeswax candles that support local beekeepers - and give a gift that glows! 
(Vegan soy-based candles are also available from Wednesday & Rose of Guelph, ON)

7. Onyx Containers

Finding an alternative to lightweight Tupperware can be difficult - glass is a great option but it can be heavy and is easily subject to breaking! A great solution is stainless steel lunch & take-out containers. They are very light and can withstand drops & dings! Onyx Containers has a lot of options that include multi-tiered and removable divider variants that let you choose exactly what you want. Plus they come in all shapes and sizes. We love their strong leak-proof seal products with clasps. These products are easy to wash and can be used to transport a multitude of meals! Great for taking homemade meals to work, a variety of snacks for day trips, even zero waste shopping! 

8. Life Without Plastic Sporks

Do you know folks whose drawers are filled with take-out knives, spoons & forks that they never use, but feel too guilty to throw out? Sometimes it's hard to refuse these items unless you have something that prompts you. Take out doesn't have to be wasteful! And having a multi-use utensil keeps you prepared for unexpected snacking. Very affordable & compact - this item is extremely universal! Great for the wilderness adventurer, student, commuter, or any waste-conscious individual.

9. Cedar Point Soaps

Bar soaps last far longer than their liquid counterparts and often come with minimal packaging! An absolute favourite of staff and customers alike is Cedar Point Soaps. These  high quality soaps are handcrafted by a Metis soapmaker in Waubaushene, ON. who pulls inspiration from Canadian forests and waters around her to design truly Canadian soaps. She even uses local Ontario herbs, flowers & forest offerings in her soap.  The soap is is made in small batches, and takes 2-3 hrs to prepare using the hot process method.  

Many bar soaps can be stripping, but this company's soaps contain nourishing and moisturizing oils that will leave your skin feeling soft.  Affordable, stocking-stuffer sized,  and practical for any recipient!  Seasonal scents like Cranberry, Georgian Bay Forest & Medieval Thieves always make great presents. Or choose the Honey Almond Oatmeal bar for "scent"sitive folks.

10. Soap Nuts & Wool Dryer Balls

Did you know that dryer sheets can aggravate allergies, irritate your skin, and even cause dermatitis or eczema?  To make matters worse, studies have found that dryer sheets release more than 25 volatile are pollutants, including 2 known carcinogens. So why not ditch the dryer sheets?!  

Introducing: Wool dryer balls!  These laundry helpers will last for thousands of loads, soften clothes & wrinkles, reduce static, and cut down on drying time ... A perfect gift for an environmentally conscious family member, pal or sensitive skin individual!  We carry Moss Creek Wool Dryer Balls in sets of three, ready to give. Still like a bit of scent in the dryer? No problem- we carry Nellie's all Natural Lavender Fragrance sticks to scent your dryer balls or you can add a few drops of essential oil on the balls before drying. A great pairing to this is Himalayan Soap Nuts which naturally contain a plant-based soap, can be re-used, and are compostable after their life-cycle. The receiver can enjoy a new more mindful, plastic waste & chemical free laundry routine! 

11. Redecker Brushes

SO much plastic waste is made in the kitchen accessory industry year after year. Here at the store, we have some wonderful biodegradable alternatives for home cleaning and dishwashing.  A great duo for gifting is the Redecker Pot Scrubber and the Redecker Vegetable Brush.  The durable beechwood and natural fibers are not only completely biodegradable, but also add a rustic beauty to any home.  B├╝rstenhaus Redecker has been hand-crafting high quality wooden tools in Germany for more than 75 years, and it shows!
Give the gift of a green clean! 

12. Bulk Organic Toffee Pistachios

Giving edible treats is a great way to ensure gifts will be both used and enjoyed! Our store has a comprehensive bulk section with a multitude of options available for purchase, like: nuts, seeds, granola, snack mixes, dried berries, candies, loose leaf tea, chocolate treats & more! We also sell a variety of sizes and shapes of beautiful glass jars to fill (or, for ultimate waste reduction - why not up-cycle that jar you may already have from that pasta sauce or condiment that you buy?). This kind of gift is the epitome of package free, from retail to end-consumer. Our store pick for the holidays is the Organic Bulk Chocolate Toffee Pistachios.  So decadent & delicious! 

13. Zero Waste Kits

Last but not least, we have done the leg work to create Zero Waste starter kits that are ready to go! These kits come in a re-usable Credo bag to keep the waste-free theme going - you don't even need to wrap them! We have 4 varieties available to help your loved ones make greener choices: A Take-Out Kit (with everything to eat and drink on the go) , a Body Care Kit (including a bamboo toothbrush, soap and biodegradable floss), A Green Clean Kit (including beautiful Wooden brushes and a laundry stain remover bar that really works) & a Stainless Steel Straw Kit (including a carrying case and a cleaner). This is a perfect gift for a student or child living away from home in order to take care of their basic lifestyle needs - or for someone just getting into zero waste living! 


We wish you all the best this holiday season and thank you for being a part of the green movement.  We all make a difference with our choices!  Happy Holidays to you and yours!