16 June 2017

Whole Circle Farm

Starting this week, our store will be a pickup location for Whole Circle Farm's CSA shares!
Community Supported Agriculture is a model of farming where community members typically buy a "share" at the start of the growing season, and then receive a portion of the harvest each week throughout the season.  This way, farmers have the support of their community at the beginning of the season.  They can plan their crops more accurately, and have more security for their businesses.
Whole Circle has adapted this model further, offering a flexible point system where their customers can choose which varieties and quantities of vegetables they want each week, instead of receiving a pre-set selection.
Here at the Stone Store, we support local farms in many ways.  One way is by offering lots of Ontario produce, whenever it is available.  Now, with this new CSA pick-up, we are helping Whole Circle customers get their produce at a convenient location downtown, (and maybe do some in-store shopping while they're at it).
We welcome the Whole Circle CSA members to the Stone Store and hope you enjoy shopping here.  If you are interested in more information about Whole Circle shares, visit their website at http://www.wholecirclefarm.ca/?page_id=3799