26 October 2016

Saugeen Country Dairy

Are you ready for another local producer showcase?!

We are!  Today our blog takes a field trip to the country.
The first thing you need to know about Saugeen Country Dairy is that it was organic even before it was cool.  Their products have been organic since 1994, and even before that they were certified with the Biodynamic Society of Ontario in 1988.  Nowadays, they hold certifications from both Eco-Cert (for organic practices) and Demeter (for biodynamics).  Biodynamic farming takes their organic practices to an even higher level, incorporating holistic philosophies to farm management

About the farm:
This yogurt is all made on one farm!  Ingo and Sabine Huesing and Johannes Schneider (with their families) farm about 560 acres of rolling land in Grey County, Ontario. The land is rocky and has a short growing season, but they make the most of what they have, and strive to care for their land and animals in an ecologically responsible way. The cows are pastured daily, rotating through 400 acres of pasture.
What do they make?
Saugeen Country farm has stuck to what they do best.  Which turns out to be two very popular products: full fat yogurt and kefir.  The folks at Saugeen don't believe in watered down low-fat yogurts that require thickeners like milk protein, skim milk powder, stabilizers and gelatin.  They stick to non-homogenized, full fat milk to make their yogurt.  Sometimes you can even see that the cream has risen to the top!

What is kefir?
Kefir is similar to yogurt, but has a lighter, somewhat carbonated consistency and a tangy taste.  You can eat it just like you would eat yogurt, or you can blend it up with some fruit to make a delicious drink.  There is evidence that the friendly bacteria in kefir have the ability to actually COLONIZE in the human digestive tract.  These bacteria are strong and have been shown to out-compete pathogenic organisms!  While yogurt has a temporary probiotic effect, the bacteria in kefir can actually repopulate the digestive tract with good organisms.

The cute stuff:
No farm would be complete without some other animal friends, and Saugeen Country is no exception.  The farm has a couple of horses, some sheep, and a pony named Cookie.  Not to mention lots of barn cats!  (Who are now famous because of the Saugeen Country website). 

Finally, for a peek into life on the farm, check out this video created by Grey County Tourism:

We hope you enjoy this yogurt & kefir as much as we do!