08 January 2016


Our staff are always experimenting with new concoctions in the realms of natural food and body care, and we wanted to share our latest "Do It Yourself" discovery with you.

Aura Cacia makes custom skin-care easy with their new DIY line of organic oils.  It's fun, it's often less expensive than pre-made products, and you know EXACTLY what goes into them, so you can customize scent, richness and quality.
First, you need to choose a recipe.  You can  choose any recipe from https://www.auracacia.com/auracacia/aclearn/diy-holiday-gifts.php#
refer to the Aura Cacia the booklet we have in store (while quantities last!), or find your own recipe online.  

We like the looks of this foot scrub:
 Once you've got your recipe, choose your essential oils, carrier oils, and any other ingredients.  
 For carrier oils Aura Cacia has sweet almond, jojoba, grape seed and argan oil.
Lastly, get mixing!  Aura also sells handy glass jars for your products which are tinted to protect the essential oils from damaging light.  There are two sizes of pots, a liquid roll-on container, and a spritzer bottle.
 When that's done, all you need to do is enjoy it!

We hope you have fun with the project and would love to hear about what you make.